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Portal Pay Link

Step 1: Call 845-942-0020
Step 2: Tell NCF Representative that you need the email link sent to you sent to you via email to register you for portal pay as your payment option.
Step 3: Check you email for online PortalPay payment instructions after speaking to the NCF Customer Service Representative Ask customer service representative to send you a link for Portal Pay. (call Portal Pay AC)

Must register a checking account with portal pay (DEBIT & CREDIT CARDS ARE NOT ACCEPTED)

Our website offers a link to view your account on-line and make a payments using your checking or saving account (NO CREDIT OR DEBIT CARDS) via our web link. You will need to call NCFC at 845-942-0020 during business hours to register for our PortalPay web link. Additionally, you will need your routing # and account #.

You will receive two emails upon registration for PortalPay. You will receive a welcome email along with an email containing your temporary password. Your username is your email address. When you create your new password it must contain an uppercase (ABCDEFR), lowercase (abcdef), symbol (?#$&%), and a number (12345).

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